Specialty Mushrooms

From our farm to your table.

Our Mushrooms

Grown locally and organically just around the block. You can’t get fresher, healthier and tastier than this.

Lions Mane

Boosts your mental power and focus


Fight cancer and its side-effects

Royal Trumpet

Get most of your nutrients and minerals

Reishi Mushroom

Boost the Immune System (Nature's Xanax)

Turkey Tail

Immune-Boosting Polysaccharopeptides

Freyia Oysters

Oyster Mushrooms with health benefits from Freyia.


Faint floral aroma, meaty, crunchy with a nutty, slightly sweet, peppery, and earthy flavour.


One of the highest amounts of natural copper, a mineral that supports healthy blood vessels, bones, and immune support

Golden Oyster

Balanced, nutty flavour similar to cashews

Brown Shimeji

Tender and chewy with a mild, herbal, and nutty flavour

Pink Oyster

Quite umami. Its texture is both meaty and chewy. When fried until crispy, it resembles bacon or even ham.

We Are Mushroom Farmers

We grow mushrooms in our urban farms/labs by using a combination of technologies and logistical innovations.

We aim to shift this definition back to our communities, so we always know where our food is coming from.

Grown locally and organically. From our farm to your table!!!

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From our farm to your table.

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